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get to know me meme: current celebrity crushes [4/10] → Mac Miller

"I love Pittsburgh. […] I think it’s the reason I am who I am today. It’s being honest , representing where you come from, never forgetting where you come from, and uh, putting on for the people that put on for you, and just looking back at what you’ve done and saying you did it the right way.


@m_foglia did the illest painting of my portrait I have ever seen, this piece will be in my house until I die, much love thank you sweetheart…

always-hiddenaway asked:
One of the best rappers ever :D Amooo muito o Mac e o seu tumblr é um dos melhore :D. Bom saber que eu não sou a única brasileira que gosta dele kkkk, não conheço ninguém que goste :/

Yesss! Obrigada, de verdade. Fico muito feliz quando eu vejo um brasileiro por aqui. Nossa, você não ta sozinha nesse Brasilzão não, tmj hahah Bj.


Red Rocks 4/19/14


Red Rocks 4/19/14

Title: Walkin Home
Artist: Mac Miller
Played: 450 times


Mac Miller - Walkin Home (Prod. NOTTZ)

Title: Happy
Artist: Mac Miller
Played: 720 times


Mac Miller - Happy (Prod. Treejay)


Mac Miller and the Most Dope Representatives came though clutch this year with their latest mixtape Home N Stoned. Add this to your 4/20, stoner rap, i smoke weed playist. If you don’t dabble in such sport, it is still music you can enjoy with out having to be lit. 

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